My story

I have always loved shopping but, not for myself. For me, there has always been pure joy in shopping for the perfect gift for a family member, colleague or friend. I am ecstatic when I shop and find the perfect gift. I love making it look beautiful with just the right packaging. But even more, what makes me most happy is the feeling I get when I witness someone open a gift I have chosen especially for them.

Putting time and thought into a gift is what I do. I ask myself – what do I want the gift to say or express? How do I want the person to feel that I am gifting? Should the gift express love, joy, kindness, thoughtfulness, an element of surprise or thankfulness? What is that emotion I want to express with my gift? What is the story I want to tell? That all comes with truly getting to know the person I am buying the gift for and getting to the root of what makes them tick. It’s what I love to do.

After more than 30 years in the communications industry – 20 of which was in retail – I have ventured off to do something I feel truly passionate about – finding the perfect gift or gifts for you, the client who knows the importance of gift giving.

My name is Mary Ellen Keating and I want to help you find the gift or gifts that will wow your friends, colleagues or loved ones. Working with me, you will have the opportunity to support retailers and local businesses. In addition, Keating Custom will donate a portion of our fees to various causes including those that fight breast cancer, poverty and homelessness.

I am an email or phone call away – or 917-714-6564.